SELPHYL • Because Nothing is More Natural Than You.


Introducing SELPHYL at Julie’s SPA!

Seeking a non-synthetic approach to target skin imperfections?

SELPHYL allows truly natural skin regeneration using your body’s own ability to stimulate collagen production.

SELPHYL can help with:

• Tired looking eyes

• Dark circles under the eyes

• Neck rings and wrinkles

• Loose Skin (wrinkled/crepey skin)

• Aged hands

• Other scars

SELPHYL works by concentrating platelets and fibrin in a chosen area of the skin, which gives physicians the potential to enhance the body’s natural capacity for repairing imperfections. Once they are administered in your skin, growth factors are released to trigger the production of new cells and collagen.

Dr. Ireland is now offering this amazing new procedure at Julie’s SPA. The introductory special rate is $1599 for three treatments, the regular price is $2399.

Questions? Please call us at 905 – 333 – 0880. For Bookings or to submit a question online, please visit our BOOKINGS PAGE.


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