FAQ - Lash Extensions

Will lash extensions damage my real/natural lashes?

When lash extensions are applied by a skilled lash technician, lash extensions are a safe and effective way to enhance the look of your lashes. Special care is taken to ensure the correct weight and length of each silk lash is applied with precision and just the right amount of surgical adhesive.

Will my natural lashes fall out?

It is completely normal for your natural lashes to shed daily. On average, you will shed 1-5 lashes every day regardless of having lash extensions or not. They are so small that normally we don’t notice prior to getting lash extensions. So no need to be concerned when you see a natural lash attached to an extension, that’s perfectly normal.

How often do I need my lash extensions touched up?

Most clients require their lash extensions touched up every 2-3 weeks. Depending on the client’s lifestyle and natural lash shedding pattern.

How do I care for my lash extensions?

  1. Avoid any oil based products around the eye area
  2. Make sure if using eyeliner or mascara, that they are lash extension friendly, otherwise oil or wax base of most eye makeup will break down the adhesive.
  3. Brush your lashes only once a day, with the lash wand given to you by your technician.

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